dvd_mu921 JYJ - JYJ 3hreeVoices III : Secret Sessions [DVD]


JYJ - JYJ 3hreeVoices III : Secret Sessions [DVD]

came back to the monolith in three years the idol group JYJ representing Korea.
One trillion people and their everyday batahon much love JYJ PRIVATE DVD '3hree Voices'
in Third in the series <3hreeVoices Ⅲ> 
Members of JYJ has been active in various fields such as music, drama, musical, Jaejoon,Youcheon,Joonsoo. Live together
 recording process of 'Valentine' recorded song "JUST US", A short but sweet break away from the routine of their LA 
You've packed tightly packed as video.

2discs(93'+27') digi pack + 1 poster(508*360)
Disc 1 - Secret Session / 93min
Disc 2 - Secret Session Diary / 27min

■ Release Date:2014 August 25~August 29
■ Running time  :  120min (D1: 93min, D2: 27min)
■ Audio:Korean
■ Subtitles : Chinese,English,Japanese
Region code :All
■ Warning : Normally you are able to watch DVD with region code 2 or 'All' only. If you are using Playstation 2 to watch the DVD, please check your region code beforehand.	
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