Blue059 SBS Drama『My Love From The Star』 Blu-lay director s cut

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SBS Drama『My Love From The Star』 (별에서온그대)Blu-lay director s cut(Reservation)
■ First aired : 2013 Dec. 18
■ Broadcasting hour : Wednesday-Thursday 10:00 p.m.
■ Director : Jang Tae-Woo
■ Script : Park Ji-Eun
■ Character : Jeon Ji-Hyun, Kim Soo-Hyun, Park Hae-Jin, Yoo In-Na, Na Young-Hee, An Jae-Hyun, Hong Jin-Gyung, 
Kim Chang-Wan, Shin Sung-Rok, Lee Il-Hwa, Oh Sang-Jin, Yoo Joon-Sang
■ Release: 2014 Dec.10〜14
■ Running time : 1234minutes, 905minutes
■ Language:Korean
■ Subtitles:English,Chinese(Addition picture exclusion).

- Run Time (Story: 1,234minutes , Additional: 905minutes) -
DISC1- Episode1/2 (123minutes),   Director Jang YuuTae Interview(72minutes)
DISC2- Episode3/4 (119minutes),   Director O ChungHwan Interview (37minutes)  
DISC3- Episode5/6 (118minutes),   Park HaeJin Interview(48minutes)
DISC4- Episode7/8 (117minutes),   Shin Seongrok Interview(36minutes)
DISC5- Episode9/10 (118minutes),  Yoo InNa Interview(26minutes)
DISC6- Episode11/12 (119minutes), An JaeHeon Interview (40minutes)
DISC7- Episode13/14 (116minutes), Director's Best 10 (30minutes)
DISC8- Episode15/16 (121minutes),  Press conference(34minutes) 
DISC9- Episode17/18 (117minutes),  O.S.T Making (45minutes)
DISC10- Episode19/20 (124minutes), Highlight scenes (9minutes)
DISC11- Episode21 (60minutes), NG (171minutes) 
DISC12- Making (158minutes)
        Comentery (Park Hae-Jin, Yoo In-Na,Shin Sung-Rok,An Jae-Hyun) (157minutes) 
        Music Video (19minutes) 
        Benefits(Script reading, Birthday party, Ending party, Poster shooting) (23minutes)

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