cd7397 ShinSeungHun - Great Wave [Special Album] (reservation)


ShinSeungHun - Great Wave [Special Album] (reservation)

Introduce new song,featured by Cheja of Dinamic duo [I have changed a lot.]on Oct. 17

- The first collaboration with rapper debut in 23years.
- contain'change+progress' Masterpiece in 4years 'GREAT WAVE' Boosting expectations

general:R&B / Ballad
release:2013 Oct. 23~Oct. 25

01. I have changed a lot(내가 많이 변했어) (With Cheja(최자) of Dinamic duo(다이나믹듀오) 
02. Sorry 
03. You(그대) 
04. Love Witch With VerbalJint(버벌진트) 
05. My Melody 
06. I hope so(그랬으면 좋겠어) With Ra.D 
07. The Butterfly Effect(나비효과) (Great Wave Ver.) 
08. Value of love(사랑치) (Old School Ver.) 
09. Turn on the radio(라디오를 켜봐요) (British Ver.) 
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