cd7613 Gummy - [Mini Album](Feat.JYJ Park You-Cheon)


NEWS:JYJ Park You-Cheon, featuring on Spider's new album

Gummy - Used to loved..Okay(사랑했으니..됐어) [Mini Album](Feat.JYJ Park You-Cheon)   

Female Vocalist unique sensibility,Gummy Back in four yearsRepublic of Korea and the spider on the aristocracy of the most solid support vocalist Wheesung soldier's own composition and a gift from Hwayobi
Rokko fellow rapper and singer of JYJ featuring members from bakyucheon, colorful, yet fruitful 'GIFT' transitional album is like a spider's 
Already expected.

release:2014 June 11~June 13

01. Lets go out(놀러가자) (Feat. Park Yoo-Cheon(박유천)Of JYJ) 
02. Are you happy now(지금 행복하세요) 
03. Used to loved..Okay(사랑했으니..됐어) 
04. becouse I am alone(혼자이니까) 
05. Love me please(사랑해주세요) 
06. Lay down(누워) (Feat. Rokko(로꼬)) 	
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