cd6401 FT Island - Grown-Up [Mini Album](Reservation)


FT Island - Grown-Up [Mini Album](Reservation) 

The five men who became more matured! FTISLAND’s 《GROWN-UP》 with its honest stories 

FTISLAND released its 4th MINI ALBUM 《GROWN-UP》. 

The album only contains the five ballad songs of slow tempo which are the title song ‘Horribly’, ‘I even lost my friend’, ‘I’m a stupid person’, ‘A grown up man’ and ‘Please be my lover’. FTISLAND’s matured figure is expected in this album with its warm emotion. 

■ Genre :Rock / Ballad 
■ Release Date:2012.02.01〜03 

01. Horribly(지독하게) 
02. I even lost my friend(친구 보다 소중한) 
03. I’m a stupid person(나는 바보) 
04. A grown up man… (성장)
05. Please be my lover(애인이 돼 줘)	
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