cd7591 FlytotheSky 9th album - Continuum


NEWS:Fly to the Sky, confirm come-back on 20th "poured every effort in"

FlytotheSky 9th album - Continuum 

R&B the best duo is coming back.
Representative of the Republic of Korea R&B duo Fly to the sky. 
only thier name, we can feel the history
Their story is just beginning to come back.
Fly to the Sky 9th Album [Continuum] 

release:2014 May 21~May 23

01. We 
02. You you you(너를 너를 너를) (Title) 
03. Your voice(니목소리) 
04. Dont call me(전화하지말아요) 
05. So cool 
06. You너 
07. Nobody knows parting(알 수 없는 이별) (Feat.Kim Na-young김나영) 
08. Even after more ten years(십년이지나도) 
09. Kiss & Saygoodbye 
10. Like a lie(거짓말 같다)	
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