cd7470 TVXQ 7st Album - TENSE [RED/BLACK-Random]

TVXQ 7st Album - TENSE [RED/BLACK-Random]

Idol group TVXQ’s official 7th album ‘TENSE’ is getting spotlight from US Billboard. 
On January 6, US Billboard covered TVXQ’s official 7th album on K pop column section ‘K-TOWN’ with article ‘TVXQ! ‘Tense’ : Track-By-Track Review’ to introduce 12 songs in the album. Billboard wrote, “Since their debut on December 26, 2003, it’s their 10th anniversary since debut breaking many international records. 


01. Ten (10 Years) 
02. Something 
03. 너의 남자 (Your Man) 
04. 오늘밤 (Moonlight Fantasy) 
05. 그 대신 내가 (Beside) 
06. Double Trouble 
07. Off-Road 
08. 갈증 (Smoky Heart) 
09. Love Again 
10. 뒷모습 (Steppin') 
11. Rise... 
12. 항상 곁에 있을게 (Always With You) 

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