cd7722 [SM] BeatBurger - Electric Dream [Mini Album]


BeatBurger - Electric Dream [Mini Album]   

SM Entertainment is now responsible for all activities in the stage performances such as bass guitarist and now officially with their music and we met. 
SM Entertainment Korean forces as a combination BeatBurger

■ Cast introduction 
(BeatBurger) membership information 
Shen Yuan: solo / DJ / lyricist, composer (belongs to: SM ) 
Zhucheng Min: Guitar / Composer (Quantity: V Entertainment) 
Flash finger: keyboard / Composer / Producer (Quantity: disk music) 
With the Bi: master enginer (belongs to: SM Entertainment) 
MQ: Guest rapper

release:2014 Dep.30~Oct.02

01. Rising 
02. Beat Goes On Feat. MQ 
03. She So High 
04. Right Now! (Feat. MQ) 
05. She So High (Acoustic Ver.) 
06. She So High (Radio Edit) 

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