cd7748 MCMONG 6th album - Miss Me Or Diss Me


MCMONG 6th album - Miss Me Or Diss Me 

release:2014 Nov.04~06

01. The happiest time of my life (Feat. Heo Gak) 
02. You missed me(Feat. Jinshil of Mad soul child) 
03. 마음 단단히 먹어 (Feat. Ailee) 
04. New York (Feat. Peak JiYeon) 
05. Let's run away (Feat. Lyn) 
06. Broken electric fan(Feat. Garry,Hyorin of Sistar) 
07. What could I do (Feat. Beomki) 
08. A passionate devotee(Feat. The channels) 
09. 0904 
10. Sick enough to die.Part.2 (Feat. Swedish Laundry) 
11. Whatever (Feat. Mina of Girls day) 
12. My Love (Feat. Seong YooJin) 
13. E.R (Feat. The channels) 
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