Blu082 KBS『Love in the Moonlight』Blu-ray directors cut●D(pre-order)


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※If the Pre-Order quantity is small, production can be canceled.
※Please much publicity to be successful fabrication. 

What is Blu-ray?
An upgrade to DVD as a media storage
with superior image and sound capacities.
Blu-ray discs are not playable by DVD players
and must be played by a Blu-ray player.

* Because this item is heavy, shipping by EMS is recommended. The current picture is for reference only and will change when the product comes out.

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■Running time: 
■Release date:
■Subtitle:English(Addition picture exclusion)
■ Blu-ray Region code:A
Note: Generally, Blu-ray, which is manufactured in South Korea is A code
Customers, hope you'll give me your order on the check code that is purchased from regions other than A code
Thank you. (I do not do return or exchange of the reason that code does not match)
A code area:U.S.A(North America, Central America, South America), South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia
B code area: Europe, Greenland, Middle east , Africa, Australia, New zealand
C code area: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, People's Republic of China, Pakistan, Russia, Central Asia, South Asia

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