cd6530 EXO-M - MAMA [Mini Album] (reservation) (預約)


EXO-M  - MAMA [Mini Album] (予約)

First mini-album of EXO-K, EXO-M named ‘MAMA’ will be published in EXO-K version that is recorded in Korean and EXO-M version which is recorded in Chinese version. This mini-album is expected to draw full attention of music fans because of not only the dynamic and diversified music of EXO but also because of the six songs that include dynamic and splendid sounds that contain vocals with individuality. The title song of the mini-album is ‘MAMA’. 


01 Mama    
02 What Is Love    
03 History    
04 尔的世界 (Angel)    
05 双月之夜 (Two Moons)    
06 Machine  	
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