cd7074 Superjunior M 2rd - Break Down (Reservation)


Superjunior M 2rd - Break Down (Reservation)

SUPER JUNIOR Chinese area unit, SUPER JUNIOR-M new album 「Break Down] Will be released in South Korea on January 31.
SUPER JUNIOR-M released worldwide in various local music sites such as South Korea, China, Taiwan, and through iTunes on January 7, is the second full album.
"Break Down" is the United States building a boat to the World Albums chart, accounting for global imposing proved to be said that the high level of interest from music fans.

Release:2013 Feb.01〜04

01. Break Down 
02. Go 
03. Good Bye,My Love 
04. A-Oh! 
05. It's you 
06. Distance hug
07. Tunnel 
08. Stand Up 
09. Break Down (Korean Ver.) 
10. Good Bye,My Love (Korean Ver.) 

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