cd7531 CNBLUE - Can t Stop 2 [5th Mini Album] (reservation)


CNBLUE- Can t Stop 2 [5th Mini Album] (reservation)

CNBLUE release second version of ambitious album 'Can't Stop' after REBLUE.
All location shooting in New York 'Can't Stop' is Could not be seen 
from the first version consists of a new pictorial. Studio, High Line Park, and various places 
in the New York subway can meet CNBLUE.

release:2014 March 11~March 13

1. Can’t Stop
2. Diamond Girl
3. 독한 사랑 (Cold Love)
4. 잠 못 드는 밤 (Sleepless night)
5. Love is….
6. 아이의 노래 (Like a child)

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