cd7650 Kim Hyun-Joong - TIMING [4th Mini Album]


Kim Hyun-Joong - TIMING [4th Mini Album] 

Kim Hyun-Joong, pre-display of 'HIS HABIT' on 4th
The singer Kim Hyun-Joong pre-displays
 'HIS HABIT' on coming 4th, previously the release of 'TIMING', the fourth mini album. The pre-displayed song 'HIS HABIT' is the song of Mister Rocks, 
the keyboard player of Far East Movement, and is the genre of urban hip hop.

release:2014 July 11~July 15

01. His Habit  
02. Beauty Beauty  
03. Nothing On You  
04. The word I wanna to say(하고 싶은 말)   
05. Beauty Beauty (Instrumental) 

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