ost1312 KBS2Drama『A Good Man』善良的男人 O.S.T Part 1 (reservation)


KBS2Drama『A Good Man』 O.S.T Part 1 (reservation) 

To the beginning《XIA-Joon-Soo》s《Love like a snowflake》Increasingly deepening voice《Lee Soo-Young》s《A good woman》, and  Warm and affectionate voice 《Jo Eun》sings 《good people》Contains.

First Broadcasting:2012 Sep.12
Broadcasting Time:Wednesday, Thursday 9:55 p.m.
Characters:Song Jung-Gi、Moon Chae-Won、Park Si-Yeon
Release:2012 Oct.24〜26

01. Love like a snowflake(사랑은 눈꽃처럼) - XIA(Joon-Soo) 
02. A good woman(착한 여자) - Lee Soo-Young(이수영) 
03. good people(좋은 사람입니다) - Jo Eun(조은) 
04. Lonely 
05. Jae-hee and Maroo(재희와 마루) (with Empty Heart & Change) 
06. Bueno Hombre 
07. Waltz in sorrow 
08. Eun-gi and Maroo(은기와 마루) (with late Autumn) 
09. Melancholy 
10. Blue Moon 
11. Eun-gi(은기) (with Magnolia) 
12. Late Autumn 
13. Empty Heart 
14. Broken Heart 
15. Water Lily 
16. Magnolia	
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