ost1409 tvN Drama『Emergency Couple』 O.S.T (reservation)


NEWS: Song Ji-Hyo & Choi Jin-Hyeok ‘Emergency Couple’, extending one more episode

tvN Drama『Emergency Couple』 O.S.T (reservation)

 theme song and 'the scent of a flower' 'our love at that time' all of drama ost  

 hand writing signature of leading actors and open making studio

First Broadcast:2014 Jan.24
Aired time: Friday,Saturday 8:40pm
Character:Song Ji-Hyo & Choi Jin-Hyeok  
release:2014 Apr.10〜12

01 Emergency Couple(응급남녀)
02 excitement(설렘)
03 Love Again - 3rd Coast(써드코스트)
04 Everyone experience parting(모두다 이별을 경험한다)
05 the scent of a flower(꽃향기) - Lim Jeong-hee(임정희)
06 a white book of intern in a hospital(병원인턴백서)
07 beat of Jin-hee(진희 비트)
08 our love at that time(그때 우리 사랑은) - Park Shi-hwan(박시환)
09 feel(어루만지다)
10 I Am - 주아
11 the scence of flower(꽃향기) - Che Jin-hyuk(최진혁)
12 When we were we(우리가 우리였을 때)
13 Love Again (Inst.)
14 the scence of flower(꽃향기) - Lim Jeon-hee(임정희)(Inst.)
15 our love at that time(그때 우리 사랑은) (Inst) 
16 the scence of flower(꽃향기) - Che Jin-hyuk(최진혁)(Inst.)
17 I Am (Inst.)  	
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