ost1413 MBC Drama『Cunning Single Lady』 O.S.T

MBC Drama『Cunning Single Lady』(앙큼한돌싱녀)O.S.T

The world says that divorce is failure. However, to a humane, it can be a good opportunity to mature. 
As there are no flowers which grow without shaking, love also makes fruits after shaking so much.  

First broadcast: 2014. 2.27
Aired time: Wednesday, Thursday 10:00pm
Director: Go Dong-Seon, Geong Dae-Yoon
Script: Lee Ha-Na, Choi Soo-Yeong
Character: Joo Sang-Wook, Lee Min-Jeong, Kim Gyoo-Ri, Seo Gang-Joon, Lee Jeong-Gil, Lee Byeong-Joon, 
Kim Ye-Ryeong, Kim Ho-Yeong, Byeon Eun-Yeong, L, Kim Yong-Hee, Kim Eung-Soo, Gwon Gi-Seon, Kim Jae-Hwa, 
Hwang Bo-Ra, Yoo Yeong, Choi Cheol-Ho, Lim Ji-Eun, Lee Jeong-Eun, Oh Na-Mi, Kim Seong-Gyoon, Wang Bit-Na, 
In Gyo-Jin, Choi Eun-Yeong, Ricky Kim 

01. 그냥 사랑인 거죠-헬로비너스 (Title) 
02. 정말사랑합니다-유성은&길구봉구 
03. 모르겠죠-오유준 
04. Beautiful Girl-원서겐 & 저스트 
05. For The First Time-빅베이비드라이버 
06. Alone Again-빅베이비드라이버 
07. 앙큼한 상상 -써니힐 
08. 케미(Mirror Mirror)-(TinyG)도희,제이민(타이니지) 
09. 어떡하나요- 유승우 
10. 앙큼한 돌싱녀-Various Artists 
11. Queen Of Romance-Various Artists 
12. 짧은 이별-Various Artists 
13. Fuzzbuzz-Various Artists 
14. The Men's Qualification-Various Artists 
15. Tears Of Princess-Various Artists 
16. 여왕의 귀환-Various Artists 
17. Lonely Lady-Various Artists 
18. Craziness Party-Various Artists 	
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