ost1416 tvN Drama『A Witchs Love』 O.S.T


tvN Drama『A Witchs Love』 O.S.T 

If there is a woman in 20s who ‘has her say, works perfectly, keeps private and public separately, 
and has both has cool-head and mildness’, how would you evaluate her? 

First Broadcast: 2014 April 14
Aired time: Monday, Tuesday 11:00pm
Director: Lee Jeong-Hyo
Script: Ban Gi-Ri, Lee Seon-Jeong
Character: Uhm Jeong-Hwa, Park Seo-Joon, Han Jae-Seok, Jeong Yeon-Joo, Ra Mi-Ran, Yang Hee-Gyeong, 
Lee Sae-Jang, Yoon Hyeon-Min, Bang Eun-Hee, Joo Jin-Mo, Ga-Won, Jeon No-Min, Lee Eung-Gyeong, Seong Ji-Roo, 
Narsha, Ryoo Dam.
general:2014 June 10〜June 12

01. Witch's Love(마녀의 연애) (Opening Title) 
02. Witch's diary(마녀의 일기) - Spica(스피카) 
03. Sorry(미안해) - Jeong Junil(정준일) 
04. Come in to my mind(내 맘에 들어와) - Park Seojoon(박서준) 
05. Bye(안녕) - Joohee(주희) Of 8eight 
06. Witch Comic 
07. Witch's diary(마녀의 일기) (Inst.) 
08. Sorry(미안해) (Inst.) 
09. Come in to my mind(내 맘에 들어와) (Inst.) 
10. Bye(안녕) (Inst.) 
11. You, for me(내게 그대는) 

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