ost1421 SBS Drama『Doctor Stranger』 O.S.T


SBS Drama『Doctor Stranger』(닥터이방인)O.S.T

2014 The best drama in the first half of the topic
Doctor Stranger OST reliesed!! 

hit makers Shinsa horaengyi, including double side kick and  composers 'Bobby Kim', 'Girls Day Mina' 'Lee Ki Chan', etc. 
Dagger-class artists participate in OST

First Aired : 2014 May 5th
Broadcasting Hour : Monda, Tuesday 10:00 p.m.
Director : Jin Hyuk
Script : Park Jin-Woo, Kim Joo
Character : Lee Jong-Seok, Jin Se-Yeon, Park Hae-Jin, Gang So-Ra, Jung Guk-Hwan, Choi Jung-Woo, Nam Myung-Ryul, 
Kim Sang-Ho, Hwang Dong-Joo, Gang Tae-Hwan, Lee Jae-Won, Um Soo-Jung, Han Eun-Sun, Chun Ho-Jin, Jung In-Gi, 
Park Hae-Joon, Bo-Ra, Kim Yong-Gun, Jang Ryang, Kim Sang-Joong  
general:2014 July 09〜 July 12

01. Stranger(이방인) - Bobby Kim(바비킴) 
02. Strange way(낯선 길) - Yoojin(유진) 
03. As tomorrow might not come.(내일이 안 올 것처럼) - G.O(지오) 
04. Such a good day(이렇게 좋은 날) - Jeon Haewon(전혜원) 
05. You are I am(니가내가) - Mina(민아) 
06. Because Of You - 박정아 
07. Now I'm going to see(지금만나러가요) - Lee KiChan(이기찬) 
08. I Am A Stranger 
09. Promise 
10. Team Strangers 
11. New Life 
12. Escape 
13. The Meaning Of Tears 
14. Dangerous Guys 
15. Memory 
16. Right Way 
17. G.R.B 	
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