ost1422 SBS Drama『You Are Surrounded』[你们被包围了] O.S.T


SBS Drama『You Are Surrounded』(너희들은포위됐다)O.S.T 

Popular rapper San E, Voice of God Lee Seung-chul, O.S.T Queen Taeyeong,SBS Kpop star TOP3 Kwon Ji-na 
Superlative Korean artists participated
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first aired : May 7th, 2014
Air time : Wednesday, Thursday 10:00pm
Direction : You In-Shik
Script : Lee Jeong-Seon
Characters : Lee Seung-Gi, Cha Seung-Won, Go Ah-Ra, Ahn Jae-Hyeon, Seong Ji-Roo, Park Jeong-Min, Oh Yoon-Ah, 
Lim Won-Hee, Seo Lee-Sook, Lee Gi-Young, Ji Woo
releas date:2014 July 23〜July 25

01. Try to love - Lee Seung-chul
02. Love is a word - Taeyeong
03. How me- Kang Min-hee(Feat.San.E)
04. That is you - An Jae-hyun
05. At that time only to see- Kwon Ji-na 
06. One Love ? - Eden 
07. You Are All Surrounded  
08. Teheran street 114-11  
09. Gangnam police station P4  
10. We Are Partners  
11. Growing one inch 
12. The End, And New Beginning  
13. Trauma  
14. When people come  
15. Photographic Memory  
16. The Crime Occurred!  
17. Justice For All  
18. Top Secret 	
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