ost1434 MBC Drama『Love you like destiny』 O.S.T


MBC Drama『Love you like destiny』 O.S.T

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara proofed good conbination after 12 years from first co-acting. I love you is like destiny had been popular in OST 
Each source are presented as a collaboration of talented artists and composers were masters of the OST ohjunseong causes call attention to the topic.

releas date:2014 August 29〜31

01. You are my destiny(운명 같은 너) - Jeong Dongha(정동하) 
02. good bye for a while(잠시 안녕처럼) - Ailee(에일리) 
03. Be The One - Jeff Bernat(제프버넷) 
04. Morning of Canon(캐논의 아침) - Paek Ayeon(백아연) 
05. My Girl - Ken(켄) VIXX(빅스) 
06. couse I don't know love(사랑을 몰라서) - Melody Day(멜로디데이) 
07. Ready For Love - Megan Lee(메건리) 
08. Momento [Title] 
09. Desino 
10. Stars 
11. Tristeza 
12. Joie 
13. Cordialite 
14. Awaken 
15. Lyrisme 
16. Agens

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