ost1443 MBC Drama『Night Watchman s Diary』 PART. 02 O.S.T


MBC Drama『Night Watchman s Diary』(야경꾼일지) PART. 02 O.S.T  
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like PART1,B.G.M, highlight dialogue and songs by top singers. It must be wonderfull

First Aired : 2014 Aug. 4
Broadcasting Hour : Monday, Tuesday 10:00 p.m.
Director : Lee Joo-Hwan, Yoon Ji-Hoon
Script : Yoo Dong-Yoon, Bang Ji-Young, Kim Seon-Hee
Character : Jung Il-Woo, Go Sung-Hee, Yunho, Seo Ye-Ji, Yoon Tae-Young, Kim Sung-Oh, Kim Heung-Soo, 
Go Chang-Seok, Lee Se-Chang, Gang Ji-Woo, Lee Jae-Yong, Seo Yi-Sook, Choi Won-Young, Song Yi-Woo, 
and Yoo Da-In
releas date:2014 Oct.22〜Oct.24

1. if I was(dialogue)
2. Wish– Yang Yo-seop(Beast), Heo Ga-yoon(4minute)
3. I feel sick,too(dialogue)
4. seacret– Gna
5. Stay by my side(dialogue)
6. rather rain-tear– Jeong Il-woo, Nichol
7. If Sooryeon give the prince pain(dialogue)
8. Tears flowed– Tritops
9. Night Watchman started(dialogue)
10. Darkness War
11. Night Watchers
12. Busters Are Coming
13. Ask the chest
14. Unrequited love15. Karma
16. Endless Love
17. Song of night watchers

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