ost1460 SBS Drama『Birth of the Beauty』 O.S.T


SBS Drama『Birth of the Beauty』(미녀의탄생) O.S.T 

First air:November 1st, 2014 
Air time:Saturday, Sunday 9:55pm 
Direction:Lee Chang-Min
Script:Yoon Young-Mi
Actors:Joo Sang-Wook, Han Yae-Seul, Jeong Gyeo-Woon, Wang Ji-Hye, Han Sang-Jin, In Gyo-Jin, Ha Jae-Sook, 
Han Jin-Hee, Kim Young-Ae, Gang Gyeong-Heon, Jin Yae-Sol, Kim Yong-Rim, Shim Lee-Young, Kim Cheong, 
Lee Jong-Nam 
release:2015 Jan.20〜Jan.22

DISK(CD) 1. 
01. She [SHINee Jonghyun]
02. I did not know my own [Jamini]
At 03. See [M.C.The MAX]
04. No way [Jamini]
05. Rampant okay - Eight Hyeon;
Sparkly 06. [understanding or]
07. The forgotten as [Veloce]
 08. did not say [Hannah]
 09. She (Remix Ver) [SHINee Jonghyun]
 10. I did not know my own (Inst)
 11. See (Inst)
 12. No way (Inst)
 13. Rampant okay (Inst)
 14. Sparkly (Inst)
 15. did not say (Inst)
 16. As Forgotten (Inst)
 17. She
 18. Rampant okay (Acoustic Gt Ver)

DISK(CD) 2. 
01. Beauty No1  
02. Dazzle  
03. She (Comic Story)  
04. Reincarnate  
05. Beauty No2  
06. A Cliff  
07. I did not know my own (Guitar Story)
08. It was the company baldachin
09. Family photo
10. Plastic Age
11. Beauty No3
12. Cocoa Jam
13. I did not know my own (Piano Story)
14. Cursed Love15. He Pyrrhic Victory  
16. See (Piano Stroy)  
17. Beauty No4  
18. Face Lift  
19. High Beam  
20. She (Piano Story)  
21. Yelp  
22. crashing face
23. Birth of Sarah
24. Transformation  
25. Resourcelessness  
26. Gradually cleared	
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