dvd_dr1037 SBS Drama『That Winter, the Winds Blows』DVD limited edition●E

SBS Drama『That Winter, the Winds Blows』(그겨울바람이분다)DVD limited edition●E
■ when you order this one before June 20 you can get scenario (one)  ■ The printing about playactors sign
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First air: 2013 Feb.13
Air time: Wednesday, Thursday 9:55pm
Direct: Kim Gyu-Tae
Script: No Hee-Kyeong
Cast: Jo In-Seong, Song Hye-Gyo, Kim Beom, Jeong Eun-Ji, Bae Jong-Ok, Kim Tae-Woo, Seo Hyo-Rim, 
Kim Gyu-Cheol, Kim Yeong-Hoon, Lim Sae-Mi, Choi Seong-Gyeong, Han Jeong-Hyeon, Lee Jae-Woo
■ Release:2013.June~ =>2013 Aug.26~
■ Running time : This dreame will edit again and will plus 120 minutes ,360minutes special video
■ 상품구성 : 10Disc+Photobook 100p 
■ Language:Korean
■ Subtitles : English 
■ Region code : 1,3,4,5,6
■ Warning : Normally you are able to watch DVD with region code 2 or 'All' only.
 If you are using Playstation 2 to watch the DVD, please check your region code beforehand.

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