dvd_dr1047 SBS Drama『Master s Sun 』DVD director s cut


※So Ji-Sub,Kong Hyo-Jin "Master s Sun"fan cafe members request make directors cut DVD!

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the picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.News: ‘Master’s Sun’ So Ji-Sub, lost memories about Gong Hyo-JinSBS Drama『Master's Sun(주군의태양)』 (DVDdirector's cut ●D(Reservation)
■ First broadcast: 2013.8.7
■ Air time: Wednesday, Thursday 10:00pm
■ Director: Jin Hyeok
■ Script: Hong Jeong-Eun, Hong Mi-Ran
■ Character: So Ji-Seop, Gong Hyo-Jin, Seo In-Gook, Kim Yoo-Ri, Choi Jeong-Woo, Kim Mi-Gyeong, Lee Jong-Won, 
Park Hee-Bon, Lee Jae-Won, Jeong Ga-Eun, L, Kim Sang-Joong
■ SBS, DNT-media
■ Release:2013 Dec.20.~
■ Running time : 
■ Language:Korean
■ Subtitles:
■ Region code : 3,4,5,6
■ Warning : Normally you are able to watch DVD with region code 2 or 'All' only.
 If you are using Playstation 2 to watch the DVD, please check your region code beforehand.

■ Product Configuration :10DISC(drama본편+addition부가 영상) 
■ Advanced Configuration:
2014년 『Master s Sun 주군의태양』 Calendar 年历(Korean 韩国版)+post cards 明信片(6张)
-20p 照片书 

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