dvd_dr1077 tvN Drama『High School King of Savvy』 DVD director s cut

tvN Drama『High School King of Savvy』(고교처세왕)DVD director s cut

■ First broadcast: 2014.6.16
■ Aired time: Monday, Tuesday 11:00pm
■ Director: Yoo Jae-Won
■ Script: Yang Hee-Seung, Jo Seong-Hee
■ Character: Seo In-Gook, Lee Ha-Na, Lee Soo-Hyeok, Lee Yeol-Eum, Gwon Seong-Deok, Han Jin-Hee, 
Oh Gang-Rok, Kim Won-Hye, Song Yeong-Gyoo, Jo Han-Cheol, Choi Philip, Lee Ah-Rin, Cheon Yi-Seul, 
Gang Gi-Yeong, Lee Tae-Hwan    
■ Release:2015年02月24日〜02月28日
■ Running time : 11Disk 
■ Language:Korean
■ Subtitles:English(Addition picture exclusion).
■ Region code : 3
■ Warning : Normally you are able to watch DVD with region code 3 or 'All' only.
 If you are using Playstation 2 to watch the DVD, please check your region code beforehand.

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