dvd_dr1074_1 KBS Drama『Healer』DVD director s cut●G(reservation)


*Because this item is heavy, shipping by EMS is recommended. The current picture is for reference only and will change when the product comes out.News1: ‘Healer’ Ji Chang-Wook and Park Min-Young, ardent love in the bed sceneNews2: ‘Healer’ Ji Chang-Wook, romance startedKBS Drama『Healer』(힐러)DVD director s cut●G(reservation)
■ Release date:2014 December 8 
■ Air time:Monday, Tuesday 10:00pm
■ Direction:Lee Jeong-Seop
■ Script:Song Ji-Na
■ Characters:Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-Young, You Ji-Tae, Kim Mi-Kyeong, Oh Gwang-Rok, Taemi, Park Sang-Myeon, 
Park Won-Sang, Park Sang-Won, Do Ji-Won, Woo Hee-Jin, Jang Seong-Beom, Park Sang-Wook, Jo Han-Cheol, 
Oh Jong-Hyeok, Lee Moon-Shik
■ Gmaru-Entertaiment
■ Release : 2015. 8.30~9.10
■ Running time : 
■ Language:Korean
■ Subtitles:English(Addition picture exclusion)
■ Region code : 1,3,4,5,6
■ Warning : Normally you are able to watch DVD with region code 3 or 'All' only.
 If you are using Playstation 2 to watch the DVD, please check your region code beforehand.

■ Commodity composition
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